New Plates and Controllers, FIFA 23 World Cup….

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Something I read this week’s and this weeks… “Thanks to the support and feedback from our PS5 beta participants, today we’re rolling out a new system software update to PS5 players globally. The update includes several highly-requested features like 1440p HDMI video output* and gamelists, as well as social features like the ability to request a Share Screen from a fellow party member, easily view new friends’ profiles, and receive a notification to help you join a friend’s game more quickly from a party chat…..”see links…


Arsenal and EA Sports

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Sony Savage, Arsenal and EA, PS Plus Extra

With the release of FIFA 23 coming soon, the ratings of Arsenal players has been leaked.

Arsenal players have been given Ultimate Team cards, with brand new ratings based on their performance improvements last season….

SaRPs Week 34: PS5 Edge, PS5 price hikes….

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PS5 Edge, PS5 price hikes, GT7 Sophy in Anniversary Update and EA have a deal for 300 partnership…..

Decal for February

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Gran Turismo 7 is in 39 days time, but in the meantime, make sure you do your vote….

Sony is 😡

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Here’s a video I did for Sony is Furious, because there’s a leak for a game….

Sony is 😡, Game Leaked, PSVR2, Oculus, Xbox and PC…

In the first game, players control Aloy, a member of the Nora Tribe who has been outcast since birth for not having a mother and seemingly not having been born from a woman at all. After an attempt on her life by the mysterious Eclipse cult ends in the death of her guardian and mentor Rost, Aloy is made a Seeker to venture beyond Nora lands and uncover the mystery surrounding her and why the cultists want her dead. This quest also led her to discover what happened to the Old Ones, whose ruins dot the land…..

So, let’s compare the PSVR 2 and Quest 2 to find the best VR headset…

“Spencer also confirmed that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are selling faster than any prior Xbox consoles, though demand continues to outstrip supply due to shortages caused by the pandemic, a shortage analysts predict won’t get better in 2022…..”



“Amazon Fire TV gets biggest upgrade in years, it will change how you watch telly |”

DJTC….. Remember, Jehovah he is watching us…

PSVR2, how much is it…🤔

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I done a video about this topic and other things as well….
PS VR2 will come with an OLED display supporting 4K resolution, as well as a new controller called PS VR2 Sense, according to a blogpost published by Sony on Tuesday. It will link up to the PS5 via a single cord.
“Rainbow Six: Extraction is a tactical first-person shooter that allows friends to form a squad of up to three players or play solo fighting off what’s described as an “unpredictable” player vs. enemies experience. Rainbow Six: Extraction launches on January 20th on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.”—————————-

Last Race, 5th Gold Ring, PS Plus Games, PSVR 2, Spartacus, Uncharted and many more

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Gaming, Time and Music with TC….

In August 2013 I have a big big stroke…. and I’m doing this channel so that my speech will get better and better so is nothing to do with money.

I’ve got another video and here are some links that I do in the video
Quantic Dream rumour Stars Wars Eclipse….
Hot Wheels Unleashed Passes 1 Million Units Sold – Push Square”


Honorary mentions…

Stroke changes lives in an instant, but the brain can adapt. And so can you. We’re here to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke.

Jehovah….is watching us….

Dance to Decal 002

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I’m doing the the decal for January 2022… I like the second car,  which one do you like put your vote in the comments or in the Gran Turismo game…. Closes on the 2nd of January….

Are PS4 owners insulted?

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Back Button Attachment video…

I’ve read this quote..”You can either buy the current PS4 bundle and do the $10 upgrade (that takes it to full price), or simply shell out the full price now. Whereas, if Uncharted 4 or The Lost Legacy was still available on the PlayStation Store for PS4, you could pick up one of the individual games for around $15 and then upgrade – meaning you’re only spending around $25…..” Here is the link…

A video that I’ve watched…

Sony, put it back …

T3: Xbox Game Pass rival PS5 Spartacus…..The ‘Game Pass’ is nothing more than the evolution of the 2000s’ Xbox Live (clearly with an improved and enhanced and more specialized service), but the philosophy behind the plan is the same: pay a percentage of the console value each month, but just for a very limited time…”

I read this article

While there’s been a good amount of love for the two PS4 freebies, LEGO DC Super Villains and Mortal Shell, the real problem child of this month’s lineup is Godfall: Challenger Edition….

Deep Forest Raceway Gameplay… PS5, PS4…. Nice video, brill graphics, the same track but different…