Oblivious to Concept

“You’re not the only one who has said that to me”, is what one of the sisters said to me after I replied to her questioned “What did you think of the film?”.

My reply had been “Man, I was confused at the end of the film to the extent I thought I won’t get that two hours back”… the film in question was Oblivion starring Tom Cruise and I wasn’t being biased against Tom. I say that because having been a fan of Tom but then after he destroyed the idea of Mission Impossible I haven’t really forgiven him, but that’s another entry for another day, but Oblivion I was struggling to understand the idea of the film. I was relieved to find out I wasn’t the only one who was confused.

I was entertained by the film don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t really take anything away from the film nothing stood out for me in the film, now I don’t go to the flicks that often these days, I tend to go and see films that warrant a big screen experience so I wouldn’t tend to go and see a chick flick or a RomCom kinda film on the big screen especially when a night out at the cinema outside of Orange Wednesday costs up-to £15 and that’s just for me, but I digress, Oblivion……

This film was based in the not too distant future when apparently an alien race have attacked earth and the with the aftermath of the war, the earth was evacuated and the survivors were on another planet but there was a small team of maintainance people of which Tom Cruise was one who are left on Earth to protect and maintain essential items that though on Earth were providing a supply of energy and food to the survivors on the other planet. This protection and maintenance was needed because the so-called aliens were attacking the energy silos and disrupting the supply, but as time goes on Tom comes to learn things are exactly as he has been told.

The film itself especially with the relationship between Tom and the drones reminded me very much of the film Flash Gordan back in the 80’s with Sam Jones I think his name was, when he first arrived in Mings Palace, so I’m not sure if this may of had a slight homage to that film, but it wasn’t as good as Flash ahhhhhh…. saviour of the universe….

As I said I was entertained but the film got more confusing as it went on and it came across as a film to show of special effects and to cash in on a named actor, and was disappointing that Mr Freeman was involved in this film, the effects were good and it raised the thoughts once again of is there life out there. Can we be the only planet that god has chosen to populate, after all the average inventor doesn’t just stick to one design, they are always striving to improve on their creation, but again another entry for another day. If there was an Oblivion 2, I doubt I’d be going to see it, even if I was told it would make Oblivion more understandable, but sorry no, with Cinema costs going up, that’s not good enough, you should have made the first film understandable, but now I’m maybe getting biased after the destruction of the Mission Impossible concept…..

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to see this film really, though it was escapism my score out of 10 would be 5 for this film, hopefully the next Tom Cruise film will sit better with me….

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