Raising Responsible Children…..


George:  “Every evening followed the same routine. Michael, my four-year-old son, left his toys scattered all around the house. I tried to make him clean up before putting him to bed. But Michael would become hysterical, screaming and carrying on. Sometimes I got so frustrated that I yelled at him, but that only made us both feel terrible. I wanted bedtime to be a happy time. So I gave up trying and just cleaned up the mess myself.”

Emily: “The trouble began when my 13-year-old daughter, Jenny, had difficulty understanding her teacher’s requirements for a school assignment. Jenny cried for an hour when she came home from school. I encouraged her to ask for help at school, but Jenny insisted that her teacher was mean, so she didn’t dare speak to her. I was tempted to march right down to the school and tell the teacher exactly what I thought of her. I felt that no one had the right to make my baby so unhappy!”……..



~ by DJ Camstar on 21/08/2018.

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