How Should You Discipline Your Children?


“I listened impatiently to the sound of every passing car. This was the third time that Jordan had broken his curfew. ‘Where is he?’ I wondered. ‘Is he in trouble? Does he even care that we are worried?’ By the time he arrived, I was about to explode.”—GEORGE.

“My daughter let out a scream, which sent a wave of panic through me. I turned and saw her clutching her head and crying. Her four-year-old brother had just hit her.”—NICOLE.

“‘I didn’t steal the ring. I found it!’ said Natalie, our six-year-old daughter, her big blue eyes pleading her innocence. Her persistent denials cut us so deeply that we wept. We knew she was lying.”—STEPHEN.

IF YOU are a parent, can you relate to the emotions expressed in the opening statements? When confronted with similar situations, do you wonder how—or even if—you should discipline your child? Is it wrong to discipline your children……?


~ by DJ Camstar on 12/08/2018.

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