Purpose in Life….


HUMANS ARE UNIQUE IN MANY WAYS​—WE WRITE, WE PAINT, WE CREATE, AND WE THINK ABOUT LIFE’S BIG QUESTIONS: Why does the universe exist? How did we come to be? What is the purpose of life? What does the future hold?

Some people shy away from those questions, thinking that the answers are beyond us. Others say that such questions are pointless because life is a product of mindless evolution. “There are no gods, no purposes,” claimed professor of history and biology William Provine. He added: “There is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning in life.”

Some people, however, consider that fatalistic outlook unacceptable. They see a universe that is governed by precise, elegant, mathematical laws. They marvel at the impressive designs in nature, some of which humans try to mimic in man-made products. And everyday experience tells them that complex, highly functional designs point to intelligence, not undirected forces…..



~ by DJ Camstar on 11/04/2018.

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