“DURING MY CHILDHOOD, I HEARD A LOT OF INSULTS AND SCREAMING,” said a woman named Patricia. “I did not learn to forgive. Even as an adult, I would dwell on an offense for days, losing sleep.” Yes, a life filled with anger and resentment is neither a happy one nor a healthy one. Indeed, studies show that unforgiving people may . . .

  • Let anger or bitterness sour relationships, leading to isolation and loneliness

  • Become easily offended, anxious, or even severely depressed

  • Become so focused on a wrong that they cannot enjoy life

  • Feel that they are at odds with their spiritual values

  • Experience increased stress and a higher risk of ill health, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and pain disorders, such as arthritis and headaches …….


~ by DJ Camstar on 09/04/2018.

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