Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world+ will be cast out.


Spirit creatures called angels are “mighty in power.” They are superior to humans and thus have greater intellect and strength. Of course, faithful angels use their power for good. For example, on one occasion an angel of Jehovah struck down 185,000 enemy Assyrian soldiers—a feat that would have been impossible for one human and difficult even for an entire army.

On another occasion an angel used his superhuman power and ingenuity to release Jesus’ apostles from jail. That spirit creature eluded security measures, unlocked the doors, let out the apostles, and then locked the doors behind them—all of that while guards were stationed nearby!

Whereas faithful spirit creatures use their power for good, Satan uses his power for evil. And what power and influence he has! The Scriptures refer to him as “the ruler of this world” and “the god of this system of things.”  Satan the Devil even has “the means to cause death.”

This does not mean that he kills all people directly. However, his murderous spirit has permeated this world. Moreover, because Eve believed Satan’s lie and Adam disobeyed God, sin and death spread to all mankind.  In that sense, the Devil has had “the means to cause death.” He is what Jesus called him—“a murderer.” What a powerful enemy we have in Satan!

When we oppose Satan, we align ourselves against not only him but all those who side with him in the issue of universal sovereignty. That number includes a sizable group of other spirit rebels, or demons.  Time and again, the demons have demonstrated their superhuman strength, causing great misery to those whom they have tormented. Never underestimate the power of such wicked angels or that of “the ruler of the demons.”

Without help from Jehovah, we could never win our fight against Satan.



~ by DJ Camstar on 10/07/2017.

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