Influenced by the Spirit—How?… Part 2

Not that we of ourselves are adequately qualified to consider that anything comes from us, but our being adequately qualified comes from God.


This vital work is now being accomplished under the guidance of holy spirit. We read how the holy spirit was involved in the first century in opening up new territories for missionaries. The apostle Paul and his companions were “forbidden by the holy spirit to speak the word in the district of Asia”; nor were they permitted to go into Bithynia. We do not know exactly how the spirit prevented their going into those places, yet it is clear that the spirit led Paul into the vast field of Europe. He received a vision of a Macedonian man pleading for help.

Today, Jehovah’s spirit is likewise directing the worldwide preaching. No miraculous visions are being used to give direction; instead, Jehovah guides the anointed by holy spirit. And the spirit motivates brothers and sisters to do all they can in preaching and teaching. You no doubt have been participating in this vital work. Can you increase your joy in this exciting activity?

You can submit to the direction of holy spirit by applying the information provided for God’s people. Consider young Mihoko from Japan. As a new pioneer, she felt unqualified to make return visits; she felt that she did not know how to capture the householder’s interest. About that time, practical suggestions on how to make brief return visits were provided in Our Kingdom Ministry.

Then the brochure A Satisfying Life How to Attain It was published. It proved to be especially useful in the Japanese field. Mihoko applied the suggestions given on how to use the brochure, especially on how to make brief return visits. Soon she was starting Bible studies with those who might previously have declined a study. She says, “I had so many studies as many as 12 at one time that I had to put some on a waiting list!” Indeed, when you walk by spirit, applying the direction given to Jehovah’s servants, you can reap bountifully.


~ by DJ Camstar on 22/06/2017.

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