Walk by Spirit and Live Up to Your Dedication…

But I say, Keep walking by spirit and you will carry out no fleshly desire at all.


WHEN Jesus’ followers spoke in tongues on the day of Pentecost 33 C.E., it was after they had been baptized with holy spirit. They manifested a miraculous gift of the spirit. What was the effect of this gift and the discourse that the apostle Peter gave? Many “were stabbed to the heart.” At Peter’s urging, they repented and were baptized. The historical record says: “Those who embraced his word heartily were baptized, and on that day about three thousand souls were added.”  As Jesus had instructed, they would have been baptized in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the holy spirit.

However, is there any difference between being baptized with holy spirit and being baptized in the name of the holy spirit? Yes. Those who are baptized with holy spirit are born again as spirit-begotten sons of God.  They are anointed to be future associate kings and underpriests in God’s heavenly Kingdom, and they are part of the spiritual body of Christ.  So this baptism being baptized with holy spirit—was what Jehovah performed when, on the day of Pentecost and thereafter, he chose individuals to become joint heirs with Christ. But what of water baptism in the name of the holy spirit, something that regularly occurs at assemblies and conventions of Jehovah’s people in our day?

Water baptism is a step that true Christians undertake in symbol of their unreserved dedication to Jehovah God. That is so of those who received the heavenly calling. But water baptism is also a necessary step for millions of men and women in modern times who now have the hope of living forever on earth. Regardless of a person’s hope, being baptized in water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit is a necessary step that one must take in order to be acceptable to God. All Christians who are thus baptized are expected to “keep walking by spirit.” Are you walking by spirit and thus living up to your dedication?


~ by DJ Camstar on 26/04/2017.

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