Lord’s Supper Part 2

As they continued eating, Jesus took a loaf, and after saying a blessing, he broke it, and giving it to the disciples, he said: “Take, eat. This means my body.”


Date and time

The pattern established by Jesus helps determine not only the frequency but also the date and time of the Memorial. He introduced the observance after sundown on Nisan 14, 33 C.E., according to the Bible’s lunar calendar.  We continue to observe the Memorial on this date each year, following the practice of early Christians.

Although Nisan 14, 33 C.E. was a Friday, the anniversary of that date might fall on a different day of the week each year. We determine the date that Nisan 14 falls each year using the same method as was used in the time of Jesus, rather than applying the method used for the modern Jewish calendar.

Bread and wine

Unleavened bread and red wine…

For the new observance, Jesus used unleavened bread and red wine that were left over from the Passover meal.  Following his example, we use bread without leaven or added ingredients and plain red wine, not grape juice or wine that has been sweetened, fortified, or spiced.

Some denominations use bread with leavening or yeast, but leaven is often used in the Bible as a symbol of sin and corruption.  Thus, only bread free from leaven and other additives can be a fitting symbol for Christ’s sinless body.  Another practice not supported by the Bible is that of substituting unfermented grape juice for wine. Some churches do so because of their unscriptural prohibition against consuming alcohol.



~ by DJ Camstar on 13/04/2017.

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