Lord’s Supper…..

When you come together in one place, it is not really to eat the Lord’s Evening Meal.


We adhere strictly to the Bible in our observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal, which is also known as “the Lord’s supper,” the Last Supper, and the Memorial of Jesus’ death. In contrast, many beliefs and practices of other denominations in connection with this observance are not based on the Bible.


The purpose of the Lord’s Evening Meal is to remember Jesus, showing our gratitude for his sacrifice in our behalf. The observance is not a sacrament, or a religious practice that imparts merit such as grace or the forgiveness of sins.  The Bible teaches that our sins can be forgiven, not by a religious rite, but only through faith in Jesus.

How often?

Jesus commanded his disciples to commemorate the Lord’s Evening Meal, but he did not specifically say how often. Some feel that it should be observed monthly, while others observe it weekly, daily, several times each day, or as often as a person feels is appropriate.  However, here are some factors that should be considered.

Jesus instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal on the date of the Jewish Passover, and he died later that same day.  This was no coincidence. The Scriptures compare Jesus’ sacrifice to that of the Passover lamb.  The Passover was observed once each year.  Likewise, the Memorial of Jesus’ death was observed once each year by the early Christians, and Jehovah’s Witnesses follow that Bible-based pattern.


~ by DJ Camstar on 12/04/2017.

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