The Importance of Modesty

Then David said to Ahimʹelech the Hitʹtite and Abishʹai the son of Zeruʹiah, the brother of Joʹab: “Who will go down with me into the camp to Saul?” Abishʹai replied: “I will go down with you.”  So David and Abishʹai made their way to the troops by night, and they found Saul lying asleep in the camp enclosure with his spear stuck into the ground next to his head; Abʹner and the troops were lying all around him. Abishʹai now said to David: “Today God has surrendered your enemy into your hand. And now, please, let me pin him to the ground with the spear just once, and I will not need to do it twice.”  However, David said to Abishʹai: “Do not harm him, for who can lift his hand against the anointed of Jehovah and remain innocent?”


Modesty involves being aware of one’s limitations. Modesty and humility should not be confused. A humble person may not be fully conscious of his limitations.

David was modest. Although Jehovah had chosen him to be king, for years David was unable to assume the throne. We do not read that David received any explanation from Jehovah as to the reason for this apparent delay. Yet, this situation, while seemingly frustrating, did not disturb him. He was aware of his limitations, and he understood that Jehovah, who was allowing that situation, had matters under control. Thus, even in order to save his own life, David would not kill Saul, and he stopped his companion Abishai from doing so.

Sometimes a situation may develop within our local congregation that we do not understand or that does not seem, from our point of view, to be handled in the best or most organized way. Will we modestly recognize that Jesus is Head of the congregation and that he works through the body of elders appointed to take the lead? Will we display modesty, knowing that to keep Jehovah’s favor, we need to wait on him to lead through Jesus Christ? Will we modestly wait even though this is challenging?


~ by DJ Camstar on 25/03/2017.

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