Remaining in God’s Favor Despite Changes

Saul became very angry, and this song displeased him, for he said: “They have credited David with tens of thousands, but to me they have credited thousands. The only thing left to give him is the kingship!” From that day on, Saul was always looking at David suspiciously.


ARE you facing changes in your life? Are you finding it hard to accept those changes? Most of us have been or will be in that situation. Some real-life examples from the past can help us to identify qualities that will be useful.

For example, consider David and the many changes he had to deal with. He was a mere shepherd boy when Samuel anointed him as future king. While still young, he volunteered to fight the Philistine giant Goliath.  Young David was invited to live at the royal court of King Saul and was appointed as head of the army. David could not even have imagined all these changes in his life; nor could he have anticipated what would happen next.

David’s relationship with Saul became extremely strained.  To save his own life, David had to live as a fugitive for several years. Even when he was reigning as king over Israel, his circumstances changed drastically, especially after he committed adultery and, in an effort to cover up that sin, murder. As a result of his own sins, he had calamities within his family. Among other things, David experienced the rebellion of his son Absalom.  Still, after David repented of his sins of adultery and murder, Jehovah forgave him and David was restored to God’s favor.

Your circumstances may also change. Health problems, economic hardships, or family difficulties even our own actions—produce changes in our lives. What qualities can help us be better prepared to cope with such challenges?


~ by DJ Camstar on 22/03/2017.

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