They “Keep On Saying: ‘Come!’”

Therefore keep awake, and bear in mind that for three years, night and day, I never stopped admonishing each one of you with tears.


The spirit and the bride” do not merely say, “Come!” The original-language verb used here denotes continuous action. Taking that factor into consideration, the New World Translation reads: “The spirit and the bride keep on saying: ‘Come!’” This indicates regularity in extending God’s invitation. What about those who hear and accept the invitation? They too say, “Come!” The great crowd of true worshippers is spoken of as ‘rendering sacred service day and night in Jehovah’s temple.’  ‘Day and night service’ in what sense?  The examples of the aged prophetess Anna and the apostle Paul show that ‘day and night service’ implies constancy and earnest effort in the ministry.

The prophet Daniel also demonstrated the importance of regularity in worship.  He did not change his spiritual routine—his habit of praying to God “three times in a day, . . . as he had been regularly doing”—even for one month, although that meant being thrown into the lions’ pit. How clearly his actions indicated to observers that nothing is more important than regular worship of Jehovah!

After Daniel had spent a night in the lions’ pit, the king himself went there and cried out: “O Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God whom you are serving with constancy been able to rescue you from the lions?” Daniel immediately replied: “O king, live on even to times indefinite. My own God sent his angel and shut the mouth of the lions, and they have not brought me to ruin, forasmuch as before him innocence itself was found in me; and also before you, O king, no hurtful act have I done.” Jehovah blessed Daniel for serving “with constancy.”

Daniel was willing to die rather than neglect his spiritual routine. What about us? What sacrifices are we making or are we willing to make in order to declare the good news of God’s Kingdom with constancy? Why, we should not let a month go by without speaking about Jehovah to others! If at all possible, should we not endeavor to participate in the ministry each week? Even if we are very limited physically and can witness for just 15 minutes during the month, we should report this activity. Why? Because, along with the spirit and the bride, we desire to keep on saying, “Come!” Yes, we want to do all we can to remain regular Kingdom publishers.

We should seek to extend Jehovah’s invitation at every opportunity, not just at times that we have set aside for the public ministry. What a privilege it is to invite thirsty ones to ‘come and take life’s water free’ during other times, such as while shopping, traveling, vacationing, working, or going to school! Even if authorities restrict the preaching work, we continue to preach discreetly—perhaps by staggering our house-to-house visits or by increasing our informal witnessing.


~ by DJ Camstar on 03/03/2017.

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