Help Your Children to Meet Their Many Challenges….

So flee from youthful desires, but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a clean heart.

2 Timothy 2 :22


OUR young people are under intense pressure. They are exposed to the spirit of Satan’s wicked world, and they must contend with “the desires incidental to youth.”

Moreover, because they strive to ‘remember their Grand Creator,’ they have to cope with ridicule even harassment from those who oppose their beliefs. Looking back to the time when he was growing up, a brother named Vincent says: “Somebody was always harassing me, bullying me, or picking a fight with me because I was a Witness. Many times it would get so bad that I did not want to go to school.”*

In addition to pressures from the world, our sons or daughters may also have to fight against their own desire to be like their peers. “It is not easy being viewed as different,” says Cathleen, a sister in her late teens. A young brother named Alan admits, “I was often invited to go out with my schoolmates on the weekends, and I really wanted to go.” Further, the desire of young people to participate in school sports events, which can easily lead to bad association, can be strong. “I love sports,” says a young sister named Tanya. “The coaches in school were always trying to get me to play on the team. It was hard to refuse.”

How can you help your children to meet their many challenges? Jehovah commissioned parents to provide guidance for their offspring.  The goal of God-fearing parents is to develop in their children’s hearts a desire to obey Jehovah.  In that way, children will be motivated to resist the world’s pressures even when their parents are not watching.

For parents, it is a challenge to make a living, raise a family, and care for congregation activities—all at the same time. Some have to do so as a single parent or while facing opposition from an unbelieving mate. Still, Jehovah requires that parents set aside time to provide support for their offspring. Hence, what can you do to help your children to build a bulwark against the peer pressure, temptations, and harassment they face from day to day?


~ by DJ Camstar on 23/01/2017.

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