Pure in Heart and Peaceable….

Happy are the pure in heart, since they will see God. “Happy are the peacemakers, since they will be called sons of God.


A pure heart is one that is not only morally clean but also spiritually untainted and unified in its devotion to Jehovah.

The original-language word rendered “peaceable” literally means “peacemakers.” The peaceable live in peace with their Christian brothers and, as far as it depends on them, with their neighbors.  They “seek peace and pursue it.”

To the peaceable who are pure in heart, the promise is made that they “will be called ‘sons of God’” and “will see God.” Anointed Christians are spirit-begotten and are adopted by Jehovah as “sons” while still on earth.  When they are resurrected to be with Christ in heaven, they serve in Jehovah’s presence and actually see Him.

The peaceable “other sheep” serve Jehovah under the Fine Shepherd, Christ Jesus, who becomes their “Eternal Father.”

Those who successfully pass the final test after the Millennial Reign of Christ will be adopted as Jehovah’s earthly sons and “have the glorious freedom of the children of God.”  In anticipation of this, they address Jehovah as their Father, since they dedicate their lives to him, recognizing him as their Life-Giver.

Like Job and Moses of old, they can “see God” with eyes of faith.  With ‘the eyes of their heart’ and through accurate knowledge of God, they perceive Jehovah’s wonderful qualities and endeavor to imitate him by doing his will.


~ by DJ Camstar on 12/12/2016.

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