Before the Founding of the World…

We are God’s handiwork and were created in union with Christ Jesus for good works, which God determined in advance for us to walk in them.


He also foreordained the works such ones would be expected to carry out and their being tested because of the sufferings the world would bring upon them…..

Jehovah purposed to do all of this long ago. Paul mentions “before the founding of the world.” That was not before the creation of the earth or of Adam and Eve. That world was “very good,” and rebellion had not broken out.

What “world” did the apostle Paul mean, then? The world of Adam and Eve’s children a sinful, imperfect world of mankind having the prospect of being redeemed. Before any children were born, Jehovah already knew how he would handle affairs to provide relief for Adam’s redeemable descendants.

This is not to suggest, of course, that the Sovereign of the universe has to handle matters as humans do. Recognizing that an emergency might arise, they plan various detailed strategies to cope. No, the almighty God simply sets forth his purpose and accomplishes it. Still, Paul does explain how Jehovah decided to work things out so as to bring permanent relief to mankind. What were those measures?


~ by DJ Camstar on 17/11/2016.

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