God Wholeheartedly….

Although my brothers who went up with me caused the people to lose heart, I followed Jehovah my God wholeheartedly


They did not go following after the crowd. Although the crowd hated to hear it, those two men told the truth and stuck to it even when threatened with death by stoning! Where did they get the courage?No doubt, a good part of it came from their faith. People with faith see clearly the difference between the base less claims of men and the sacred promises of Jehovah God.

Both men later expressed how they felt about Jehovah’s record in fulfilling his every promise. Joshua and Caleb were attached to their faithful God, and they could not imagine hurting him for the sake of following a faithless crowd. So they stood firm, setting a sterling example for us today.—Do you ever feel pressured to follow after the crowd?

People who are alienated from Jehovah and who scoff a this moral standards certainly form a vast crowd today. When it comes to entertainment and recreation, that crowd often promote baseless ideas. They may insist that the immorality, violence, and spiritism so prevalent in television programs, movies, and video games are harmless. When you choose entertainment and recreation for yourself or your family, do you allow the lax consciences of others to influence your decisions and to mold your conscience? Would that not, in effect, amount to following after the crowd?

Jehovah has given us a precious gift to help us make decisions our “perceptive powers.” However, these powers need to be trained “through use.”

Following the crowd would not train our perceptive powers; nor, on the other hand, would a host of rigid rules in matters of conscience. That is why, for example, Jehovah’s people are not given a list of films, books, and Internet sites to avoid. Because this world changes so fast, such a list would be outdated soon after it was made.  Worse, it would deprive us of the vital work of weighing Bible principles carefully and prayerfully and then making decisions on the basis of those principles.

Of course, our Bible-based decisions may at times make us unpopular. Christian youths in school may face strong pressure fromthecrowdtoseeanddowhateveryone else is seeing and doing. Therefore, it is beautiful to see Christians young and old imitating the faith of Joshua and Caleb, refusing to follow after the crowd.

~ by DJ Camstar on 17/09/2016.

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