Every false path I have hated….

Therefore, I consider every instruction from you to be right; I hate every false path.


IMAGINE this: You need to travel to a certain destination. For guidance, you turn to a trusted friend who knowstheway.As he gives you thorough directions, he might say something like this: “Be careful about that next turn. The sign is misleading. A lot of people follow it and wind up getting lost.” Would you appreciate his concern and heed the warning? In some ways, Jehovah is like that friend. He gives us careful directions about how to reach our destination of everlasting life, but he also warns us about bad influences that could cause us to go the wrongway.

We will discuss some influences about which our Friend, Jehovah God, warns us. Let us keep in mind that Jehovah gives such warnings out of concern and love. He wants us to reach our destination. It pains him to see people giving in to bad influences and losing their way.

We will discuss three negative influences. The first is an external force, the second an internal one. The third is not even real; nonetheless, it is very dangerous. We need to know what these influences are and how our heavenly Father teaches us to resist them.One inspired psalmist said to Jehovah: “Every false path I have hated.” Do you feel the same way? Let us see how we can intensify such feelings and act on them.


~ by DJ Camstar on 14/09/2016.

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