Trust in Jehovah’s Word…

Happy are those who observe his reminders, Who search for him with all their heart.


JEHOVAH’S word was cherished by the composer of Psalm 119. He may have been Prince Hezekiah of Judah. Sentiments expressed in this inspired song fit the spirit of Hezekiah, who “kept sticking to Jehovah” while serving as king of Judah.  One thing is certain: The composer was conscious of his spiritual need.

A key point of Psalm 119 is the value of God’s word, or message. Likely as a memory aid, the writer made this an alphabetic song. Its 176 verses are based on successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

In the original Hebrew, each of the psalm’s 22 stanzas has 8 lines that begin with the same letter. This psalm refers to God’s word, law, reminders, ways, orders, regulations, commandments, judicial decisions, sayings, and statutes. In this article and the next, Psalm 119 will be discussed according to an accurate translation of the Hebrew Bible text.

Reflecting on experiences involving Jehovah’s servants past and present should enhance our appreciation for this divinely inspired song and increase our gratitude for God’s written Word, the Bible.


~ by DJ Camstar on 31/08/2016.

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