Godly Devotion….

To be sure, there is great gain in godly devotion along with contentment.


Those who love God’s law recognize the dangers of a materialistic spirit and are protected from it. The psalmist, for example, prayed to Jehovah: “Incline my heart to your reminders, and not to profits. The law of your mouth is good for me, more so than thousands of pieces of gold and silver.”

Being convinced of the truth of these words will help us to maintain the balance necessary to avoid the snares of materialism, greed, and dissatisfaction with our lot in life. “Godly devotion,” not the amassing of possessions, is the key to the greatest gain possible.

The principles behind the Law that Jehovah gave to the ancient nation of Israel are as valuable in our difficult times as they were when Jehovah gave that Law to Moses. The more we apply these principles in our lives, the more we will appreciate them, the more we will come to love them, and the happier we will be. The Law preserves many valuable lessons for us, and vivid reminders of their worth are presented by the lives and experiences of Bible characters.


~ by DJ Camstar on 26/08/2016.

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