The Maker of Heaven and Earth….

May you be blessed by Jehovah, The Maker of heaven and earth.


COMPARED with the vast universe, the earth is very small. In fact, to Jehovah, “the Maker of heaven and earth,” the nations of mankind are like a tiny drop of water from a bucket.

Yet, the Bible says: “Jehovah is near to all those calling on him, to all who call on him in truth. He satisfies the desire of those who fear him; he hears their cry for help.”  Just think of what that means! The almighty Creator is near to us and will hear us if we “call on him in truth.” What a privilege we have to approach God in prayer!

If we want Jehovah to listen to our prayers, however, we must pray to him in the way that he approves. How can we do this unless we understand what the Bible teaches about prayer? It is vital for us to know what the Scriptures say on this subject, for prayer helps us to draw closer to Jehovah.


~ by DJ Camstar on 16/08/2016.

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