Sheol or Grave….

 Where can I escape from your spirit,
And where can I run away from your face?
If I were to ascend to heaven, you would be there,
And if I were to make my bed in the Grave, look! you would be there.
If I would fly away with the wings of the dawn
To reside by the most remote sea,
Even there your hand would lead me
And your right hand would take hold of me.
What, though, of Bible passages that seem to suggest that God is present everywhere? For example, as recorded at  David said regarding God: “Where can I go from your spirit, and where can I run away from your face? If I should ascend to heaven, there you would be; and if I should spread out my couch in Sheol, look! you would be there. Were I to take the wings of the dawn, that I might reside in the most remote sea, there, also, your own hand would lead me.” Do these verses indicate that God is, in fact, omnipresent, dwelling in each of the places mentioned?

Note that David first asked: “Where can I go from your spirit?”* By means of his holy spirit, God can see anything and exert his power anywhere, without literally going there or dwelling there. To illustrate: In recent years scientists have been able to examine soil on the planet Mars, millions of miles (kilometers) from Earth. How? Not by traveling there personally, but by studying detailed photos and other information transmitted back to Earth by probes sent to Mars’ surface.

Likewise, Jehovah God does not have to be present everywhere, or omnipresent, in order to perceive what is happening at any point in the universe. God’s Word says: “There is not a creation that is not manifest to his sight.”  Yes, Jehovah’s powerful active force, or holy spirit, can extend anywhere, allowing him to be all-seeing and to accomplish his purpose from a fixed location, his “holy dwelling” in the heavens.


~ by DJ Camstar on 19/08/2015.

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