Ready to Forgive…..

My son, do not forget my teaching,
And may your heart observe my commandments,
 Because they will add many days
And years of life and peace to you.
Do not let loyal love and faithfulness leave you.
The original-language word for “loving-kindness” is alternatively rendered “loyal love” and entails fidelity, solidarity, and loyalty. Are we determined to remain attached to Jehovah come what may? Do we display loving-kindness in our relationships with fellow believers? 
Do we work to remain close to them? In day-to-day dealings with them, do we keep ‘the law of loving-kindness upon our tongue’ even under trying conditions?

Being abundant in loving-kindness, Jehovah is “ready to forgive.” If we have repented of our past sins and are now making straight paths for our feet, we are assured that “seasons of refreshing” will come from Jehovah. Should we not imitate our God by forgiving others of their trespasses?

Jehovah is “the God of truth,” and he wants “trueness” from those seeking intimacy with him.  Can we really expect Jehovah to be our Friend if we lead a double life—acting one way around Christian associates and another way when out of their sight—like “men of untruth” who hide what kind of people they are?  How foolish that would be, since “all things are naked and openly exposed to the eyes” of Jehovah!

Loving-kindness and trueness are to be valued as a priceless necklace ‘tied about our throat,’ for they help us ‘find favor in the eyes of God and earthling man.’ We need not only to display these qualities outwardly but also to engrave them ‘on the tablet of our heart,’ making them an intrinsic part of our personality.


~ by DJ Camstar on 17/06/2015.

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