‘Show yourself thankful’?….

Also, let the peace of the Christ rule in your hearts, for you were called to that peace in one body. And show yourselves thankful.
Conversely, when others give to you—whether of themselves or in some other way—do you ‘show yourself thankful’? Living by those three words can make a world of difference in our relationships with others and can greatly add to our own joy. When someone expresses heartfelt gratitude to you, doesn’t your heart glow with warmth?

Showing gratitude also raises our awareness of the good things that happen to us. In a controlled experiment, a researcher at the University of California at Riverside, U.S.A., asked her subjects to keep a “gratitude journal”—a diary of things for which they were thankful. It comes as no surprise that over a period of six weeks, the subjects felt noticeably more satisfied with life.

The lesson? No matter what your situation, learn to count your blessings. In fact, the Bible urges you to do so, saying: “Always be rejoicing. . . . In connection with everything give thanks.” In order to do that, of course, we need to make a conscious effort to recall the good things we experience. Why not make that a personal goal?


~ by DJ Camstar on 26/04/2015.

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