Thanks to #prayer off The UB40 Train

Well it’s nearly been a year since I left my job and it’s been an education that I’ve been glad for. Going from living off nearly £2,000 a month to £280 a month is a huge eye-opener, where you can just go buy what you want to skimping and saving and living off yellow sticker shopping is something I think a lot of people should experience.

The new job is only 28hrs a week but it does give me a little more money and also the opportunity to do more of the preaching work in local area and I also hope to get the podcast up and running again soon, hopefully within the month.  Hope to have musical interludes from up and coming and also established artists so know of any please get them to holla me.

But one of the major lessons I learned over the last year is Jehovah Jireh… ‘God Provides’ as ee one thing that has kept me going is prayer and also the support of my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith.  Also a few of my old pals did help me out in the early days of unemployment which was cool of them.

The next obstacle is the housing situation what with my association looking at repossession due to be in arrears I know that with prayer it’s unlikely I will homeless for long but hey at least I got Starbucks to keep warm and to provide me with WiFi access.

But hopefully I’ll be back to blogging a little more regular, but I better sign off as got my voluntary cleaning work to get to so peace out people and touch base in a while.




~ by DJ Camstar on 22/10/2012.

One Response to “Thanks to #prayer off The UB40 Train”

  1. Our Watchtower study article this Sunday was very timely. It also moved me to rely on Jehovah more than anything. Anxieties in life are Satan’s trap. But Jehovah will never leave his loyal servants…. Agape!

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