One Should Try Not to Brag….

The month of being an auxiliary pioneer is going well so far, but I’m expecting Satan to put a dampener on it at some point in the very near future, as his presence is ever present and looking for an opportunity to give you a kick, but I just got to strive to keep jehovah close.

I’d put down to do the lower level of hours but i’ve surpassed that so I’m going to try and get beyond the higher level, but to do that I need to sort out my return visits into some kinda order, so will try and do that in the next day or so.

This weekend I’m heading down to the big smoke to see my blood brother, the plan is do a bible study with him and then take him to his local kingdom hall and introduce him to the brothers and sisters there, hopefully the seed sown at my baptism can be fully watered, though I’m thinking my brov may well come into The Truth its jehovah who knows the persons true heart condition, but I keep on praying for him…..

If my brov does come into The Truth, it will have been Jehovah’s doing, as we are just his tools for delivering the knowledge, as it states in Jeremiah 9 v23,24 we should not brag about our abilities but strive to always remain humble whilst doing Jehovah’s will……


~ by DJ Camstar on 22/03/2012.

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