@starbucks Loyal Like @airmiles

Well we are now in the year when the world comes to an end according to some people… 2012…… but as we know, well some of us know, only one being knows when end will come, not the angels in heaven or the son, only the father but the question is will he bring the world to an end this year as there could be people who will start saying it was them that predicted the end, but when the end comes we will know that it is the one true god, jehovah who is bringing it to an end, so that in mind have a good 2012 people.

Now I’m sitting in Starbucks a little disappointed with them, it seems the financial climate is hitting the loyalty card market, when you consider how airmiles changed the way they worked without apparently telling their customers thus thousands of people claim they have or will lose out because they now have to pay airport taxes on airmile flights, Starbucks have changed their loyalty system and got rid of the extras deal where you got discount on purchases at point of sale and have introduced a star reward system, now I’m not upset about the system change, what disappoints me is that they never informed me and I have checked my email account and nope no contact from them, now that’s a cheek they want customers to be loyal, but they aren’t being loyal to us….. Is loyalty worth anything these days?


~ by DJ Camstar on 07/01/2012.

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