These Four Walls

I awoke this morning and looking out I saw the city was under a shower, it just wasn’t nice out. Now I could have said “nah I ain’t going nowhere today,” but the one thing I don’t wanna do is get stuck in the unemployment rut of just sitting in the four walls of my apartment feeling like society owes me something, but alas no I’m here in Starbucks.

I’ve been unemployed three weeks now, in fact it’s the first time in a working life of some twenty five years I’ve been in this situation and it can be disheartening. I mean I could do some serious gaming, finish games that have been sitting there for months or complete another season on Fifa11, but apart from me who is that helping.

I wanna get back into the world of work, it’s the fulfilment of Romans 4 v4 I’m after, which says the payment for work isn’t an undeserved kindness but a debt that is owed to you, and i’d like to have that feeling of having a well deserved debt owed to me. Don’t get me wrong the rest has been good for the soul, especially as I’ve managed to do extra field service but doing some work would be great and picking up the debt would be cool.

Ok I suppose I better plug into those job websites and find me that perfect job… actually my next post I’ll try and answer the question, ‘is there such a thing as the perfect job?’ feel free to send me your views.


~ by DJ Camstar on 22/11/2011.

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