Been a while….

So since my last entry a whole lot has happened in my world, from no longer having a paid job too walking the streets going door to door and spreading the good news…. no not the news of me not working but the good news about Jehovah god’s kingdom and the promise of a world with an abundance of peace.

What a delightful promise don’t you think, oh how my world and my view on the world has changed and in my opinion its a change for the better.

Funniest experience I’ve had so far was hearing someone tell me that they don’t need to read the bible and listen to the holy spirit in conjunction with each other, they said they just listen to the holy spirit, now I’m not one to judge but I did find it amusing at the time and still do, because surely you would need the corroboration of the holy writings to confirm it was Jehovah’s helper the holy spirit that was moving you to do something…..

Anyway, thanks for reading and will holla soon, DJTC out….


~ by DJ Camstar on 10/11/2011.

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