@nxbus Vexed The Fat DJ…..

Man I’m vexed, but alas I can’t go into much detail, just because……. but suffice to say that the whole giving my time free to a certain group of people ain’t gonna be happening too often, it just annoys me how people focus on a certain thing, but don’t actually seems to pick up on the free-ness that you dish their way, but yet they carry on in their own little world. 

What is also annoying me is West Midland buses, they are a complete nightmare, they make a big song and dance last year in the first half of the year about how they haven’t increased their prices, then they hike them up in June/July time, then come January this year, with very minimal advertising the hike the prices up once again. So the bus pass went up from £38 to £46 in less than 8 months, that’s nearly a 25% increase….  also they had an evening busfare called the evening saver which meant that after 6.30pm you could buy a reduced price ticket and use it on all the buses, well that fare doesn’t exist anymore…

The 8 bus route has to be one of the worst,  so often I’d to the bus stop and look at the timetable with a forlorn look in the hope that the “run between 7 – 12 minutes” has some bit of truth in it, but no, 40 minutes later, three buses will turn up in convoy and surely two of those drivers knows they are late, but yet I must always get on the bus that’s on time because the driver never apologizes for being late…. I mean you could even try to style it out and say, “sorry the traffic is just dire today”…. West Midland Buses are a bunch of cowboys as far as I’m concerned.

One thing I do need to do it get some focus on this Slimming World thing, two weeks ago I got weighed and I’d lost 7.5lbs and it was like WOW how’d that happen….but over the last two weeks reality came and befriended me once again and I put on 2.5ilb then 5lbs…. but I’m blaming the 5lbs on the cream cakes.

 Why cream cakes when I know they are fattening, well an acquaintance of mine has become a father and the he’d bought cakes in celebration, and the very same day my employer was nominated for an award and dished out cream cakes, and for both situations it would have been rude to refuse. But this week I need to try and stay focussed…

 Have spent this week putting together a song request database which I plan to use for Roller Revolution and get the customers to put in requests before the night, cos the last time out a few people got a little frustrated and started venting their anger saying the music wasn’t good, the funny thing is I actually worked out the percentages… and 77% of the music played is what we play on a regular basis… but as I’m a DJ I’m aware that a DJ is only as good as their last set, but what is bad to one person maybe be good to another, so I always try to remember that when I throw down, but here’s hoping the next set is a cracker to someone out there and I do hope the venue is a little warmer…

 4th March at Aston Arena in Birmingham is the next gig, and it would be good to see ya, also keep you eyes peeled for the Roller Revolution Request Line…


~ by DJ Camstar on 18/02/2011.

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