@BT_com Deliver a Very Poor Service…

BT, what a bunch of crooks and what gets me is they are getting away with it. Why do I say that, well it all started after a year of good but expensive service, then a few weeks ago I get a call one Sunday offering me a contract renewal with a £5 discount, so taking my Broadband cost to £19.99 for unlimited up to 20Mbps access, and with using the PS3 speed checker I had always been getting about 6mbps which is quite acceptable I guess, so I thought yeah why not, especially as by have unlimited broadband with BT I’d also get free access to BT Openworld and BT Fon Wi-Fi hotspots, so yeah £19.99 was a bargain… or so I thought…

A few days after the new contract kicked in I went to stream some stuff of the internet via my games console, and the console started downloading but not streaming it, some 5+ minutes after starting the download it started to play the item, but after about 2 minutes of play time it stopping streaming and was downloading again, this went on for the whole 10+ minutes of the film I was watching, but before the contract things streamed instantly and there was no download lag. Now initially I thought that maybe it was because it was due to the time of day being prime time Sunday afternoon and I had noticed that there were a couple more BT Hubs in the area, this streaming issue continued (and still continues) for another week before I decided enough was enough and I did a speed test on the console and to my disgust it came back with a speed of 887Kbps… so I did a speed check on my PC and was getting a speed of 945kbps… so I was straight on the phone to BT, because as far as I’m concerned if I’m paying you £19.99 for up to 20 of something I should at least be getting 4 of those regardless of what the item is, no wonder the streaming feature wasn’t working…

So on talking to BT, they eventually agreed to do a full line test and the tech rep got back to me saying that there did appear to be a problem with my line and he would get it looked into, and call me back the next day,  so I sat tight for four days and still there was a streaming issue and no call from the rep of BT, so I called BT once more and on talking to the tech rep, she informed me that the fault had been placed on my account but had not been escalated and she promised to look into the issue.  So we are now 11 days on from the initial reporting of the issue and as yet I’ve heard nothing from BT and still I’m not able to stream stuff and doing regular speed tests I’m still not even getting 1mbps.

So why am I saying BT are a bunch of crooks, well this year-long contract states that if I terminate the contract before the end of the 12 months then I’m liable to pay approximately £12 for every month left on the length of the contract, so not even a month has gone so if I cancel I’d have to pay BT £130+, but yet in the contract it doesn’t seem to say anything about what happens if BT don’t give me the service I’m paying for but I’m sure if I could actually get someone from BT to actually talk to me as a person and not just an account number they’d say, the contract stands so long as BT provide me any broadband service, but say I should be getting a reasonable service and if I’m not getting at least 5 – 6mbps then I’m not getting a reasonable service, so I say to all my readers avoid BT like the plague, if they offer you a discounted contract renewal, tell them where they can stick it… if the discount from BT sounds to good to be true, it’s probably too good to be legal.

So as I said in the beginning BT are a bunch of crooks.


~ by DJ Camstar on 08/11/2010.

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