@Shoptonet love affair rescued….

Well it all started back in November 2007 when I’d decided to buy the most anticipated console of that year, Assassins Creed, I’d been playing tic tac toe with an online retailer based in Jersey all through my PS2 and PS1 days, so when I bought the PS3 it only made sense to carry on with the affair, but in the Nov of 07, ordered a copy of the limited edition of Assassins Creed which came with a Altair figurine, I was a sucker back then for all the limited edition, collectors edition marketing, but release date came and went and no Assassins Creed turned up, I’d even taken the day of work in anticipation.  The weekend came and went and no game, so I contacted my love thang in Jersey only to be told that I had to wait 21 days from dispatch date before I could make a claim, so disappointed with my lover I had a rant about it with my pals, though back then Facebook and Twitter weren’t really the first place you’d go to, but whilst ranting my pal Moby bounced back to me that there was a new kid on the block, which went by the name of www.Shopto.net and it was worth checking them out, which I did…..

Having had a good rummage around Shopto’s draws I decided to make an investment and I ordered myself a copy of Assassins Creed, saying to myself, that’s cool I’ll wait the 21 days and when the Jersey cow delivers I’ll keep the figurine and trade the game as it should be reasonably new and because of the great and lower price that I’d paid with sweet little Shopto, the trade price I’d make my money back, especially as the game will be unopened.  The very next day Assassins Creed had arrived and it was sent by 1st class, signed for delivery and also because of the signed for delivery if it hadn’t arrived you’d only have to wait 3 working days and they’d send a replacement, so I was falling for Shopto’s charms after only 24 hours…

So 21 days was up and I contacted me ole lover in Jersey as no package had arrived and to boot another item I’d ordered around the same time Assassins Creed was due hadn’t turned up either, on talking to Jersey based I was told there were no more figurines so they’d just send me a normal copy of the game and my other item, there was no apology, no offer of something extra, I had just become a statistic to them and that was after some 4 or 5 years together, so I just said you know what forget it, I’ll take the refund please and after the call I went into my account and deleted the 8 or so products I had sitting in there on pre-order and they didn’t even query why I was doing that as I said, I’d just become another number, then went and jumped straight into bed with Shopto and put all my 8 products and a few more on pre-order and it’s ironic cos Shopto on all products were a couple of quid cheaper, also my lover was closer to me as Shopto is based in Bracknell.

So since 2007, it had been a blissful relationship between Shopto and I, with me spending lots of money on her, but her giving me plenty of joy, satisfaction and many weekly specials, but then this year it started to turn sour, it first started with the Signed For Free Delivery only being applied to Pre-Order products, (though they do have a TNT next day delivery service on higher priced products) which meant that the 99% guarantee of order today play tomorrow could no longer be a guarantee of such a high percentage as Shopto was now more reliant on the Post Office to deliver stuff through normal channels. I was too upset about this new development as I fully appreciated that Shopto have a business to run and in this current monetary climate, delivering a product by normal means probably saved them £1+ per item and no doubt they are sending out hundreds if not thousands of products a week and it all adds up…

Then I had an incident where due to a much-needed revamped website, I tried to order a highly priced item, but the security check on their website declined the transaction, even though my bank sanctioned the payment, which basically left me out-of-pocket for some £500+ as I’d put the transaction through twice thinking I’d maybe input the numbers in wrong, which I hadn’t…. neither the bank nor Shopto, in my opinion helped the situation, but after 5 days of so all £500 was back in my account and I then phoned Shopto and placed the order over the phone with no problems and because of the TNT delivery I had the product the very next day…

Issue three came when my pal The Nuge from www.geeksyndicate.co.uk needed to buy a new item I pointed him in the direction of Shopto, so trusting my word he went there to purchase and he also fell foul of their website security, but when he called he got run around and was fobbed off to the extent he went and bought the item from a well known supermarket who even said he could pick the item up from his local branch…. as they say… every little helps right…. but the question is will The Nuge trust my word again…

Issue four came when I ordered a product and Shopto sent me the wrong product, which isn’t the issue as with sending so much things out per day errors will happen, but my issue was that I returned the product by return post and I sent it signed for delivery and I sent an email asking if I could have my postage refunded because it wasn’t me who made the error and I was only asking for normal postage back and though I asked I didn’t expect to get the postage back, but what I did expect was at least a reply to the email and that didn’t happen and my thoughts at the time were, is my Bracknell lover going the way of my ex Jersey lover, but I can safely say that after incident number five, Shopto and I are still very much in love….

Incident five, now as many of you know I produce a podcast and under the banner of this podcast I applied for attendance to MCM Expo as I wanted to get some material for the pod’s Wot Are You Watching section and Wot Are You Playing  sections, but my application didn’t happen and so when I spotted on Shopto they were running a competition I entered in the vain hope I might win, but the closing date came and went and I heard nothing so assumed that I’d lost, but yesterday Microsoft Online Services delivered my weekly Spam warnings and sitting in there was an email from Shopto saying that I had won, but right after it was another email saying that if I didn’t talk to Shopto by 5pm of the previous day (to the day I was reading this email) then my ticket would be given to someone else. Now like a child throwing his toys out the pram I wasn’t best pleased and again ranted to my mates and also via Twitter and Facebook about the whole incident and that I was upset and not happy with Shopto as I felt surely after the first two tries of contacting me failed, Shopto would at least try one of the other three methods of contacting me they have…  Now Shopto via Twitter picked up on my rant and the emails I’d sent them and after much too’in and fro’in Shopto have come up trumps and provided me with a ticket for the event, so I’m now in that place many many blokes end  up in after a spat with their partner…… eating humble pie, so I have to say hats off to Shopto and say thanks for being there for me, I do still love you and I hope we have still have many more years together ahead of us….

And people, if you haven’t already, I’d suggest you join the Shopto love zone on Twitter and on their website… also, be aware that LadyGeek TV Season 2 started this week, check them out on YouTube and/or Facebook


~ by DJ Camstar on 28/10/2010.

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