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Well it that’s time of year where console gaming fans of football games have to make a choice of whether to get Fifa or PES… Fifa11 has now been out a week and I’ve been playing the game and I have to say I have an issue with this iteration of the game. Now I’m a huge Fifa fan having been playing Fifa games since the 90’s when it’s competitor was called ISS and was on the PC, then on the PlayStation1 and unto PlayStations 2 and 3, so I’ve been what people would call a die-hard Fifa fan, and to be honest I could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve played ISS or PES games.

I remember the first time I went from Fifa07 to Fifa08 which was the jump from PS2 to PS3 for me and I was like wow what a difference and it got even better when Fifa09 came out which for me was such a fantastic balanced game in that it had the right amount of actually playing the football and the right amount of football management encompassing the getting the backroom staff round you and also concentrating on growing players, but in my view since Fifa09 the game seems to have lost it development side of football and been concentrating on the actual playing of the football and for me personally that has ripped out a massive chunk of what made Fifa so much better than any other football console or PC game, and this came very apparent in Fifa10, but what of Fifa11…..

I’ve been playing Fifa11 for 8 to 9 days as I got my copy delivered a few days early and I have to say I’m even more disappointed than I was with Fifa10 and I read many reviews and they give the game 10/10, but for me personally the is not a 10/10, I score it as a high 8 – 9 out of 10 and the reason for that rating is because it’s a development free football game. Every review you see all the teams they seem to be using are the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barce and Juve, which is all well and good and that’s fine from a marketing point of view, but what I loved about Fifa09 was the fact you could take a small team like Barnet or in the case of Fifa11 Dundalk FC and with the small budget you could buy cheap players to make up the numbers so to speak and you could play them which gave them experience points and then in the player growth menu you could allocate those earned points to certain skills so you could make someone your free kick specialist, or a passing genius and thus increase their market value and also increase your management rating, but in Fifa11 and also to a lesser degree in Fifa10, all the management side has been taken out of the game which for me is a huge part of the game, but all that aside is Fifa11 any good…..

Well I have to say yes, it is a good game even though it has lost it arcade feel, which is what made Fifa such a pick up and play kind of game and helped to develop it’s fan base, where as PES was very much the serious simulation of football, but Fifa11 has taken the console football game genre and made it great and it is very much a simulation game as opposed to an arcade game. With Fifa11 they have now introduced the facility to fully control the keeper and you can create your own pro player like in Fifa09 and 10, but this time he and be a goal keeper and you can take that player through 15 year career, also as in Fifa10 you can use your created player in all modes of the game so that you develop that one player, so from a that point of view it’s very much a simulation as I’m sure like me everyone will create a player that resembles them… unless your female as the player attributes appear to be leaning towards the male characteristics…

Fifa11 has introduced a much talked about revamped passing mechanism so that it stops the whole ping-pong passing syndrome that has been a feature of all previous Fifa games and I have to say when playing against another human who had not realised you could do that it was pretty easy to pass them out of the game, so it is a mush needed change, but I have to say the change appears to be quite subtle but it works, because I’ve been doing passing in 11 quite a bit and it has still felt ping-pong, but then you try to play a ball over the top and you find yourself playing it too long, or it doesn’t quite go straight as an arrow giving the opponent the opportunity to intercept the pass and this now makes you think more about when you do a through ball and also should you do it along the floor or over the top, so you too can orchestrate a 27 pass goal with skill as opposed to ping-pong passing….

Fifa has always been tops for the licences but also for their soundtrack and this year is no different… with some great bands and artists on the roster there is also a feature where you can use either music from their soundtrack or music from your console HDD, I’ve got ‘She’s a Bad Mamma Jamma’ by Carl Carlson blaring out when Dundalk FC come out the tunnel when playing at home and the great thing is the music isn’t over bearing, it plays like it’s in the background so you can still hear Messrs Gray and Tyler clearly as they introduce the teams…

All in all Fifa 11 is a great fun game to play, but if you’re after the nurturing players to become better as in the off field aspect of the game then Fifa11 isn’t going to give you that, especially if you want to start with a ‘small’ team and work your way up to the big boys, but if you want to have a great football game to play against your mates or online head to head or 11 against 11 then get yourself a copy of Fifa11, but I still stand by my statement, as a complete experience Fifa09 is still their best balanced game….


~ by DJ Camstar on 08/10/2010.

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  1. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for friend sayings

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