Playing All Weekend….

Well I have to say, that this weekend was a bit of a gamefest for me, having got Fifa 11 three days before the official launch date, thanks to, I’d started playing it and wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but had pencilled in giving it some solid playing time over the weekend, but that all change when a descent train price came to light….  See I’d secured a ticket to the Eurogamer 2010, but due to my lack of planning I hadn’t bought a train ticket, so in the day leading up to the event, the cheapest ticket I could get was £19.50 but that meant a 4hr 30min train ride as Chiltern Rail was having Engineering works and Replacement Bus was never going to be an option, the next cheapest was like £30+ going either Virgin or London Midland, so I’d resigned myself to just playing Fifa 11 on my “Jack Jones” but whilst sitting in Starbucks I did a one last search and boom found a return ticket via London Midland for £17.50 so I bought the ticket and made the mad dash home, informing the lads at Geek Syndicate that I was now going to the gaming event of the UK calendar and I’d see their representative for the Saturday, Ant, down there….

So I eventually turned up at Earls Court via the back door….. maybe next year Eurogamer will be front of house, but I was quite impressed with the entry, though I didn’t get there till about 3pm, but with it starting at 11am and ending at 7pm, there was plenty of time to get around.  Picked up my pass and headed up the escalator and contacted Ant to say I’d arrived and I also met his partner Amy who is also a huge gaming fan and what impressed me the most about the whole venue was the fact, it was a Saturday afternoon and raining outside, but yet I could see expanses of carpet out ahead of me. I’ve been to a few exhibitions like this namely Ingram Micro events and Software Testing events and you usually can’t even see where your walking because there are so many people milling about, but here at Eurogamer the place seemed very airy and open planned but yet you could see there were a lot of people. Maybe it something more of these events should bear in mind, by making it a ticket event, you can actually control how many people attend and thus everyone who attends actually enjoys the event and most importantly people can actually get try out some of the exhibits and even get to talk to some of the exhibitors.

Eurogamer, if you don’t know, is an event founded by Rupert Loman and is host in the UK and it’s where members of the general public can go to play games that are either still in development or are on the brink of being released, with the opportunity to actually meet developers from the development houses and what their appetite for an up and coming game or even give feed back on games that are still being developed, because at the end of the day it is Joe Public who will be buying the product in the end.  Last year the event was held in Leeds and London, but this year it was just in London but in Earls Court, so a much bigger venue so much more scope to have more games and the ticket price was cheap at the £8, but if you came late afternoon you might be able to purchase reduced price tickets on the door. Apart from the just games, there was also a Careers Fair there, for those people who may have wanted to get a job within the games production industry and not to forget they had developer seminars, so it’s a very comprehensive show.

My experience of event was great, I managed to get to play the much awaited Gran Turismo 5, which was cool, but for some reason I happened to be playing it when the screen had a glitch and the road disappeared and I was driving on what looked like a green screen, so I didn’t really get to see the power of the 3D side of the game, but that said, what I did see of the game, was that it was stunning to look at and it played very very well, so I’ll be looking forward to my preorder arriving for that game, also I only had to queue up for about 5 minutes to have a play.

The most popular exhibit it seems was Microsoft Kinect, or Project Natal as it used to be called.  They had Just Dance 2 I do believe…  for those of you who haven’t heard of Kinect, basically it’s a bit like the Wii in that it’s interactive, but the difference is your whole body is the game controller. The system can recognise up to 3 people on-screen at the same time so when you play a game like Just Dance, that is all you need to do is dance… there are set routines you have to follow, but it also does have a freestyle mode, so even your dad can shake foot and have some fun… Kinect should be in the shops late November this year, so just in time for Christmas.  All of you who listen to my podcast will know I reviewed Sony Move a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed it, but still wasn’t convinced and had my fears that Kinect would blow Move out the water, well I have to say I was impressed with Kinect but I can’t give a full low down on it as I’ve not had a chance to play it… I could have, but I didn’t fancy throwing my considerable mass about as I’d have been like a sweating so I just watched.

Other games that impressed me were, Brink, which I’ve kind of been following since I first heard of it late last year, Gears of War 3 looked stunning as did Little Big Planet 2…  Assassins Creed Brotherhood was amazing looking and I actually have the Multiplayer Beta so I’ll be previewing that in a gaming podcast special in the next week or so and another game that really surprised me in how good and smooth it looked was F1 2010, the person I saw playing it was driving through rain and the rain effect on the screen was absolutely amazing….

All in all Eurogamer made my weekend, I got home around 11pm and found out Barnet had actually won a game, even if it was against Hereford, so my weekend was all made up….  so I say roll on Eurogamer next year as I already know, the weekend that happens it’s going to be an awesome weekend of gaming….


~ by DJ Camstar on 04/10/2010.

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