Should Have Gone First Class

Maybe it’s because I’m not in a relationship where kids are the hub, but I have to say school holidays can be a pain, or maybe I’m just selfish, but I’m here at 8pm on a train heading to Birmingham, and it’s just one of the worse journeys I’ve ever had, and that includes the rip back from Cyprus where I was on a plane sat between two Cypriot women who were similar to me in size so it was a tight squeeze, now that was a time when I so wish they had upgraded me to business class, but this train journey is making me think I should have bought a first class ticket…. So why am I complaining, well it’s a Tuesday night at 8pm and this train is heaving with families and kids who have clearly been on a day out in London, if this hadn’t been school holiday this train would be empty as most of these kids would be drinking their bedtime cup of coco, now don’t get me wrong, I love kids as much as the next man, but not when you got 15 – 20 then screaming running up and down a train carriage like it’s an adventure playground, with the parents either playing with their mobiles or crawled up having a nap, me thinks next time I travel to London in a school holiday I’ve got to really think about getting a first class ticket, as this usual peaceful journey is well and truly shattered..


~ by DJ Camstar on 24/08/2010.

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