Don’t Impress Me Much…

So I’m in the gym’s changing room, with a cold, coughing and spluttering after my workout, thinking to myself, “they say you shouldn’t exercise if you are unwell, maybe there is some truth in that”…  but my thoughts are cut short as I hear two guys across the room talking rather loudly in French, I know it’s French cos even though I didn’t do well on language side of things apart from English at school, I remember little phrases from French so yeah, it was definitely French. They were talking loud enough to cut through my chain of thought, so I’m kinda listen but not listening to their conversation, not that I could understand them anyway,  but suddenly I hear the phrase, “four girls…….” then he went back to French…. the conversation continued in French, then suddenly… “two more girls….” then back to French……  Now I’m sitting there thinking I’m sure the words for four girls in French isn’t four girls… isn’t it something like Quatre Filles…..  so why suddenly are you throwing in these references about girls in English, then it clicked….  he was obviously trying to impress us, his peers who were all in the changing room getting changed, but I have to say it don’t impress me much, as it just came across as you are clearly talking bullshit, but so long as you’re happy fella….

Carried on my bus tours of Brum today and in fact this week, I’ve done quite a bit of bus touring, at one stage ending up in Walsall, but one thing that came to light this week, thanks to The Mag, was that West Midland Buses are being quite cheeky… All this year they have been banging on about their bus prices having not changed, then in July they put up the bus fares, but before the increase the bus passes were all different prices. The one I had signed up for was for Brum and Black Country and is called the Faresaver… the price went up to £42 in July and I continued with the faresaver, but whilst on the bus to The Pie factory with Mag, he mentioned that the Regional Bus Pass was £42 and was that the pass I had… I said nope mine is the Faresaver… now the regional Bus Pass covers Black Country, Brum and Coventry, so three zones, but yet West Midlands Bus didn’t actually inform us the Direct Debit payers of this fact…  so i wrote them an email to query the prices…. what gets me, they didn’t even reply, all they did was just send me a new pass which is now a Regional Bus Pass… so they know they’re being cheeky, and surely they should be informing the Direct Debit payers of the new pricing in terms of the passes….

I’ve posted my latest podcast out there, where I ask if medium fast food chains are value for money, also an 80’s musical legend sings for us and I give the low down on Pure Football and Sherlock, click here to listen


~ by DJ Camstar on 08/08/2010.

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