The Future’s Not Bright and That’s Not Your Seat

the train this morning was a near miss, well for me that is, I like to get to station 30 plus minutes before my train leaves, but this morning 20 minutes from train departure I was just leaving home and I had to wait for a bus, so I was getting a little nervous, but I made it with 5 minutes to spare, which was cool and the good thing is the train was already sitting there so I could walk straight on, now I had booked seats for both journeys but at 0550 you can imagine the train was pretty quiet so essentially I had the pick of the seats as New Street was the beginning of the line, so I never actually sat in my booked seat but a much better one at the end of coach A where there is clearly more leg room, and it was a nice journey to a degree…gettngpublic transport,  ole… So back to good exortionistssim card, I asked them for the unlock code and you know what, they wanted to charge me £20 for the code… I can get done down the market for half that price and there are less legit ways of getting it free…Orange are a bunch of  vodafone, now I’ve been with them since 1994, so you’d have thought I’d earned some brownie points or at least a little bit more respect right….. well no, even after all this time I’m just a number to them, here’s the story… I phoned them as I wanted to unlock an old handset I had with them so I could give it to a family member to put in a muppetsHaving been down south today I’ve been on the Great British public transport service and I have to say it’s been an amusing day especially the travelling through London, but first let’s talk about my conversation with Orange last night, what a bunch of


 Why am I am saying to a degree right….. well I often question the manners of people on the public transport system, example, this morning on the Virgin train and being around sunrise the sun was quite low in the sky, it was right at eye level, so I checked the seat in front of me was empty as our seats shared the same window and blind, once I knew the seat was emply I pulled the blind halfway down…at Brum International a few people came into my carriage and two people who didn’t know each other sat in the seat opposite me… and despite the fact the sun wasn’t shining through their window the young woman, decided it was time for a nap and proceeded to pull down the blind without even bothering to check if the guy behind minded, and if looks could kill, man, he wasn’t happy and you know what, neither was I, how much effort would it have taken to turn and ask if he minded… I wonder if the lack of manners is because people are afraid that they won’t get their way… 

 So now I’m on the train back typing this up, and look the woman in front of me seating on a table of four which is full has just pulled down the blind and not asked any one round the table if they mind, cheeky muppet…. but yeah at Euston I get on the train and looking behind me I see a mass of people heading for my carriage so this time I decide best sit in my booked seat… as I get to my seat some woman is settled in the seat so I ask if she wouldn’t mind giving me my seat, she turns and claims the indicator above the seat doesn’t indicate it’s booked, so I asked when she last looked as it says it now, so she apologises and gets out the seat, but doesn’t sit in the next to me as no one wants to sit next to a fatty right, she moves to the seats opposite and just sits down, a few minutes later she checks and spots the seats are reserved so she moves… a few minutes a neubian sister comes and sits down in the reserved seats and plonks her bag on the other seat… so when the seat owner comes along he asks if he can have his seat to which she claims… you guessed it.. the indicator above the seat didn’t indicate it was reserved…. I just looked at her and smiled shaking my head thinking… You Know that’s not you seat…. like me, the guy let her know that it now did indicate it was reserved…. I wonder what carriage those women are sitting in now…. 


~ by DJ Camstar on 21/07/2010.

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