Carpet Burns…

Man it’s so annoying, I was getting vex and strangely enough I was enjoying getting vex as it meant the more I got the vex the more justification I’d have to unleash both barrels when I had my say…. but boom (as Messa would say) the carpet got yanked from beneath my feet and all I could do was hold my hand up and say, “Ok you got me, you beat me to the punch…”  

What am I going on about….. well… I live a particularly bad bus route and last night I was at the bus stop waiting and waiting… whilst doing this waiting I was mentally typing an email which I’d planned to send to the bus operator, and in that email I was cussing, about all the times I’d waited 40 minutes for a bus even though the bus timetable claimed the bus should be every 10 – 12 minutes…. now the bus is a single-deck bus, so as you can image waiting 40 minutes that bus is going to be heaving and rich with the stink of BO… so I’d up to the part in the email where I was saying…. “and furthermore, if you’re going to run such an inept bus service then at least run a double-decker bus….”   when a bus pulled up at the stop… the driver opened the door and said “8A bus sir…”  I’d seen this bus crawl up the road in the traffic but had paid it no attention because it was a double-decker…. man I felt cheated… and all I could say to the driver was… “thanks driver,” as I got the bus looking down shaking my head thinking… “you bar stewards you pulled the carpet from under my feet and it hurts….”

I was so looking forward to sending that email…..


~ by DJ Camstar on 09/07/2010.

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