I need to be a GP…

Man I’m still getting over the news of how much a GP earns, I need to look at becoming a GP… I was watching a money show on BBC 2 and they did an exercise where they got three people to talk to about 10 workers about their jobs, from Plumber, GP, Architect, Cleaner, Delivery Driver and a few others, they them had a pot of money to pay these people the salary they felt these people should be paid… they gave the cleaner £30K, but she revealed her salary was actually £13k…. but when they got to the GP they gave her like £85K… she reveled that she actually earns £102K…. £102K man when you consider that a nurse or junior doctor most probably could be a GP, that is a huge salary difference, I was pretty shocked…

But I’m all good now after plugging into some must watch TV… I was put on to the show by my acquaintance Maggie…. it’s a show on the net called LadygeekTV and it’s a 7 minute show where some lush ladies talk about Smartphone apps, and I have to say just like looking at Maggie, watching them is very very very easy on the eye… and unlike a certain app and gadget female presenter the show isn’t about them, it’s about the apps, and it does help they are very attractive… for the best app so far they revealed was Epicurious which is an app with hundreds and hundreds of recipes which are in categories and you can even pick up the ingredients and the app will list them in an order where you’d find them in a supermarket…  But they def worth a watch, I’m sure if you bing them you’ll find them. so that LadygeekTV, they made my day…..

I’ve just published my latest podcast, here is a link to it.. http://tiny.cc/pc2mp I talk about filling in your online dating profile, I also talk about Dr Who finale and also hand out the podcast award to a certain group of people and the music is provided by the drummer from Harmonic Rage… and she’s not playing drums….


~ by DJ Camstar on 07/07/2010.

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