Early Morning State

I awoke this morning in what has become the usual position of late, in the lounge across the seat of the futon, not sure why it’s happening but it is, but the difference this morning is I actually remembered parts of my dream, then looking down I for sure could remember parts of my dream, it was all very surreal….

It started with me DJing at some TV show event, not sure how they found me but I was there DJing for the a TV Celeb do and it was good, I was in the zone, as The Capt always tells me, A DJ is only as good as his last set, so there I was biggin it with the bigwigs, all in all it was a good night…. the night got better when a certain sexy voiced Norwegian TV Presenter came to talk to me and wanted to hang in the DJ Booth, we talked film and books whilst I entertained the masses…  The night, or should I say the morning ended with the usual process of me packing up my bags and turning to my film talking companion and pecking her on the cheek saying I had to get the across town and hang in the station till the first train home… to which she said I could always come to her hotel room for a coffee and we could carry on talking about films and books, so being as she has always been one of my fantasy women, I just had to accept…

But before you start thinking I’m gonna talk about a dream of conquest, far from it, admittedly I spent the whole of the time in her hotel room trying as hard as I could to woo her, but she wasn’t having it, she said she was too old for me, though I’m sure like me she’s a 60’s baby, and then she reminded me that she was happily married with two kids, which hey is all good with me… but we had a good talk and the coffee was top drawer…… but one thing that is bugging me, I don’t know if I made the first train as I woke up just as she starting talking to me about film Gorillas in the Mist…. but I did wake up in…. nah you don’t wanna know…..


~ by DJ Camstar on 05/07/2010.

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