Peace Broken

Another Saturday morning in Starbucks, but this one has been a constant interruption of peace breaking… sitting here listening to glorious roots reggae from Bob Marley to Desmond Decker to Gregory Isaacs and having a good time when a trio of people come in, rearrange the seating like they were moving house, then proceed to talk about what sounded like some orgy they had taken part in the night before… then 15 minutes later another trio come and sit by the first trio… this second trio proceed to pull out and use their mobiles phones like they are sitting in a call centre, again at the top of their voices…. the first trio soon leave….

The second trio continues for another half hour or so, they leave and peace is restored… until some woman comes in and spots one of the regular Starbuck Saturday morning papers readers, nice chap really, she bowls over and says hi to him, goes gets a coffee and comes back and proceeds to moan to him about having to sit in the sun…him being the nice guy, gives up the seat he has been sitting in for the last hour or so, and she jumps in his sit, then at the top of her voice talks to him about her recent vacation to Venice…. on her own…. he nods and laughs in the appropriate places…what a nice fella… they are still sitting across from me, I think he resigned himself to the fact she ain’t leaving anytime soon… she’s now telling him about her likes and dislikes, almost like she’s on a blind date… poor fella….

Oh she’s just invited him back to her place….. will or won’t he accept is the question….

The peace is finally destroyed by some one screaming down the mic.. Sound test one two sound test three four… one two…… three four…. followed by someone else doing a drum roll… surely I’ve not gone to hell and back again….nope there is a concert sound check going on outside the town hall across the square….. man oh man… The Peace is Broken for good…


~ by DJ Camstar on 03/07/2010.

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