Bad Luck Comes in 3’s Right

Dang, maybe I’ve had my three… first the PS3 died on me on the released day of God Of war 3, and was out of action for 20 days….

The the Landlord sends round some guys to do a boiler service, they make some excuse that due to a closed circuit they had to release pressure by disconnecting a valve on a radiator, ever since then some 2 weeks ago now, still no hot water cos boiler has a problem and keeps cutting out, probably cos the circuit is now no longer closed due to missing valve…

Then last night my HD TV has got a funny ghosting picture and it’s def the TV not the aerial as the PS3 picture is all fuzzy too and that doesn’t rely on the picture to come through the aerial…..

Please give me some good fortune……. England to win the World Cup…. come on lads…..


~ by DJ Camstar on 03/06/2010.

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